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Clarkridge Career Institute’s newly introduced Early Childhood Assistant program enables students to gain deep and enriched knowledge in developing, assisting and administering programs for young children. Students develop various foundational and core skills essential to an early childhood assistant and are also exposed to hands-on experience via lab practicals and placement hours. Early Childhood Assistants (ECA) play an essential role in the formative years of toddlers and young kids. From their early education to their health and hygiene, an ECA is crucial in their growth and well-being. The program is accredited by the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) and is also in collaboration with the renowned Canadore College in the GTA. This partnership allows eligible Clarkridge students who graduate the first year upon meeting all academic and practicum requirements to further pursue the Early Childhood Education (ECE) program at Canadore in the second year. This unique approach enables students to diversify their careers further with limitless opportunities to join the Canadian workforce as either an Early Childhood Assistant or an Early Childhood Educator. 

This program opens various career pathways for successful ECA/ECE graduates and allows them to explore vast opportunities in the field including :

-Aide (day care, nursery)
- Day care attendant
- Day care coordinator/supervisor/teacher
- Early childhood education worker - junior kindergarten/kindergarten
- Early childhood education worker - preschool
- Early childhood educator assistant
- Teacher day care
- Preschool helper/supervisor