Personal support worker (PSW)program in Mississauga| Accelerated PSW school in Mississauga

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Accelerated Personal Support Worker Program


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Accelerated Personal Support Worker Program – Program Description

A new program named ‘The Accelerated Personal Support Worker program has been started by the Clarkridge Career Institute, which is only a 22- weeks program at our Brampton campus. This is a very exciting and innovative program that aims at providing valuable knowledge to students about the healthcare industry. In this short program, the objective is to deliver the multi-disciplinary approach to the students as a caregiver to the required and needy ones. Efforts are made to provide holistic education to the students to develop their skills as personal support workers. 

Accelerated Personal Support Worker Program Highlights

  • This Accelerated Personal Support Worker program reflects the latest practices and policies in the field.
  • Instructors will supervise the students in clinical practice to learn, grow and practice their newly acquired skills.
  • Faculty members are experienced, friendly, and supportive.
  • APSW programs train students to, assist patients in activities of daily life and home management services.
  • Students learn how to provide services to clients with physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioural challenges.
  • At Clarkridge, you will be trained to provide support services, assistance in mobility (lifting and transferring clients) with
  • Clinical internship facilitates students with real insight into their future careers to pursue employment opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitative centers, and retirement care home.


Personal support worker (PSW)program in Mississauga. Accelerated PSW school in Mississauga 

Personal Support worker program in Mississauga. Accelerated PSW school in Mississauga. Clarkridge Career Institute provides Accelerated Personal Support Worker (APSW) program in Mississauga, Brampton, North York and Toronto, Canada. The Accelerated Personal Support Worker program helps you in getting more advanced as a personal support worker. 

How Accelerated Personal Support Worker Program Helps You As Personal Support Worker?

The Accelerated Personal Support Worker program is a 22-week program.  

Benefits of Accelerated Personal Support Worker Program

  1. You learn the latest practices and policies of the health sector. It will help you in becoming a personal support worker. 
  2. You will also get a medical internship in the hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation care and retirement care home. 
  3. Best mentors will teach you about the health sector.
  4. Students will learn how to provide support services to clients.
  5. You will also learn how to give services to the client with physical, emotional and behavioural challanges.
  6. You can learn the accelerated personal support worker program if you are living in Mississauga, North York, Brampton and Toronto or any other region of Canada.

Accelerated Personal Support Worker College In Mississauga

Clarkridge Career Institute is one of the best colleges for the Accelerated Personal Support Worker program in Mississauga. There are 14 modules which you will learn in the program. There are lots of opportunities in the health sector like caregivers, personal support workers, patient service associates and many more… So what are you waiting for join the Accelerated Personal Support Worker program in Mississauga and explore your future in health sector.