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The Personal Support Worker Program at Clarkridge Career Institute is a 37 weeks /43 weeks program that is taught by experienced nurses who have considerable experience in the health care industry and are passionate about disseminating the knowledge to the students who are desirous about establishing their career in the health care industry. The Personal Support Worker Certificate holder apart from working as a freelancer can also work in partnership with other medical management members and patient's families to attain all-time positive well-being and outcomes.

This program is specially designed keeping in mind the changes and trends taking place in the health care industry so that the program can always be in consonance with the shifting requirements and needs. As a part-time, it is convenient for the students to pursue this program along with their other chores. The program not only allows students to establish their career in the health care industry but also tries to bring about a comprehensive change in society, by making students more empathetic toward the individuals.
Program Highlights 

  • This Personal Support Worker program reflects the latest practices and policies in the field.
  • Instructors will supervise the students in clinical practice to learn, grow and practice their newly acquired skills.
  • Faculty members are experienced, friendly, and supportive.
  • PSW programs train students to assist patients in activities of daily life and home management services.
  • Students learn how to provide services to clients with physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges.
  • At Clarkridge, you will be trained to provide support services, assistance in mobility (lifting and transferring clients) with
  • Clinical internship facilitates students with real insight into the future career to pursue employment opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitative centers, and retirement care home.



Personal Support Worker (PSW) Certification Brampton | Toronto

Personal Support Worker (PSW) certification Brampton and Toronto. Clarkridge career institute is one of the institutes for personal support workers. Now get the certified certification as a personal support worker. Clarkridge career offers the personal support worker program at an affordable price. 

Personal Support Worker (PSW) Certification In Toronto

In a personal support worker program, you will learn about the basics of health care needs. A personal support worker includes 14 modules. In each module, you will learn about different medical terms.

Why Clarkridge Career Institute For Personal Support Worker?

Clarkridge Career Institute is the best PSW school for personal support workers in Brampton, north york, Toronto, and Mississauga. Clarkridge also offers this course at an affordable price. Clarkridge Career Institute has the best mentor in the health care industry who is a veteran of the healthcare industry. Clarkridge Career Institute teaches this type of course for a long period of time.

Personal Support Worker (PSW) School in Brampton & Toronto

While learning the personal support worker program you will get to learn about different career opportunities. Clarkridge offers this program at a suitable price. You can enroll now by clicking on enroll button.

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