Physiotherapy Assistant Program

Physiotherapy Assistant Program

Physiotherapy Assistant Program


Physiotherapy assistant program in Clarkridge college offers students theoretical knowledge and on hand practical skills to master the skill of physiotherapy assistant while providing client centered care and rehabilitation in various dynamics of health sector. This program is in high demand due to increasing number of accidental injuries, rising numbers of various musculoskeletal and joint problems. Students will be learning about caring patients with warmth, compassion and provide them comfort with various techniques and exercises to relieve pain and discomfort.

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Program Details
Program Code PTA01
Duration 53 Weeks
Credential Diploma
Campuses Toronto
Delivery Full-Time
Program Availability
Start Date Jan 2021
Campus Toronto
Domestic Status Open
International Status Close
Program Highlights

✔️ The Physiotherapist Assistant provides client-centered clinical care for assigned patients under the direction and supervision of a Physiotherapist.

✔️ The range of services provided by PTA depends upon the individual needs of each person they support and may include assistance in the patient’s physical demands of position such as substantial walking, standing, lifting, twisting and bending.

✔️ Clarkridge will provide knowledge of equipment such as wheelchair supplies and seating equipment and will understand the principles of rehabilitation.

✔️ A combination of practical skills and theoretical knowledge gained through classroom discussion, hands-on laboratory and clinical field placements.

✔️ 53 weeks of clinical field placements done in various settings spread over three semesters.

✔️ Flexible scheduling with a combination of in-class and online learning.


The Course consists of 14 modules. These modules are covered in the classroom and in the practicum.

✔️ PTA 100: Introduction to Physiotherapy Assistant

✔️ PTA MT: Medical Terminology

✔️ PTA HD: Human Growth and Development

✔️ PTA AP: Anatomy and Physiology

✔️ PTA PP: Pathophysiology

✔️ PTA 101: Basic Patient Care and Interpersonal Correlation to Healthcare Professions

✔️ PTA 102: Fundamentals of Physical Therapist Assistant

✔️ PTA 103: Physical Therapy Techniques

✔️ PTA 104 Kinesiology/Therapeutic mobility

✔️ PTA 105: Functional Techniques

✔️ PTA 106: Therapeutic Exercise I

✔️ PTA 107: Therapeutic Exercise II

✔️ PTA 108: Orthopedic Management for PTA

✔️ PTA 109: Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy

✔️ PTA 110: Neuromuscular and Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy

✔️ Clinical Orientation

Career Opportunities

They may work in rehabilitation centres, hospitals, medical clinics, retirement and nursing homes / long-term care facilities, sports and fitness centers, recreation centers, and many other settings.

✔️ Physiotherapist Assistant(PTA)

✔️ Occupational Therapist Assistant

✔️ Rehabilitation Assistant

✔️ Physiotherapist Attendant

✔️ Rehabilitation Aide

✔️ Physiotherapist Aide


✔️ An Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent; or be at least 18 years of age or older and pass        an entry test.

✔️ Pre admission medical report(TB TEST, hepatitis B vaccination is strongly recommended)

✔️ Vulnerable Sector Screening Police Reference Check

✔️ Standard First Aid & CPR Level C, HCP Certification.

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