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How to make a transition from PSW to RNs

How to make a transition from PSW to RNs
By Author 26-Mar-2022

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How to make a transition from PSW to RNs

People who are desirous of establishing their career in the healthcare sector often start with being a Personal Support Worker. For many healthcare workers becoming a PSW is often their first step towards their goal. Many PSWs decide to return to school after a few years of practice to pursue other roles such as nursing, having the practical experience and medical knowledge to excel. The question here, which can occur to a lot of you is that, can a PSW advance to the level of a registered nurse (RN)? The answer is Yes. You certainly can. And here is how you can achieve it.
Advancing from PSW to registered nurse (RN) in the healthcare professionals can have a number of benefits the primary of which obviously are professional advancement into healthcare career, increased pay apart from that there is a number of ancillary benefits such as having a broader range of work options accessible once you transform from PSW to RN or RPN.
There are several advantages for PSWs to advance in their healthcare professions into nursing roles. The primary benefits are, of course, professional advancement and increased pay, but there is also the advantage of having a broader range of work options accessible after a PSW becomes an RN or an RPN. 

What makes a PSW to Rn bridging program?

so unique is that the course is highly career-focused with special emphasis being laid on real-life nursing practices and foundational knowledge of nursing. Many programs also provide elder care courses that are geared toward fulfilling the needs of the aging population.

  • After completion of the program, the graduates will be assigned to undertake nursing tasks as part of an inter-professional team of healthcare workers. However, in order to practice, graduates must first pass the National Registration Examination.
  • To be eligible to practice, graduates must first pass the National Registration Examination for admittance to the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), the institution that governs nursing in the province.
  • In addition, to practice in Ontario, nursing graduates must have not been convicted of a criminal offence or an offence under the Canadian Narcotic Control Act or the Food and Drugs Act.
  • Registered Nurses who have been found eligible and admitted to the CNO can begin their job hunt in a variety of healthcare settings such as nursing homes, hospitals, hospices or long term health care facilities.

Prerequisites for PSWs Enrolling in Nursing Programs

Personal support workers must satisfy certain prerequisites in order to participate in a PSW-RN bridging programme and ultimately in a nursing programme. These requirements includes the following which may vary slightly from institute to institute:

  • Personal Support Worker Certificate from an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology for one year.
  • Proof of current or community cent work as a PSW 
  • Grade 12 English C or U with a minimum grade of 65 percent
  • A minimum program grade point average of 3.0 is required (in PSW)

The Advantages of Becoming a Nurse After Serving as a PSW

The transition from PSW to RN has shown to be quite advantageous for the healthcare professionals since it helps them to acquire abilities that will set them apart from their counterparts. Nurses, for example, have the chance to learn time management skills while working as a PSW because both professions are fast-paced and need them to effectively manage and organize their time in order to care for all of their patients in one shift.
Working as a PSW also assists nurses in becoming more efficient, confident, and sympathetic with their patients, far more than a nursing graduate with no prior patient care experience. Because of these advantages, PSWs are frequently successful in nursing and other healthcare jobs. Furthermore, by pursuing a medical career, students will have many more possibilities to develop their potential and contribute to the community.