What are the Requirements to get your AZ license in Ontario? AZ License

Requirements you need to fulfil to get your AZ license

Requirements you need to fulfil to get your AZ license
By Author 29-Oct-2022

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What are Requirements to get your AZ license in Ontario?

If you are looking to get yourself an AZ license in Ontario, there are certain things and requirements that you need to fulfill before you can get behind the wheels. These requirements are necessary and sacrosanct in order to get yourself an AZ license.

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age – Before you even think of applying you need to make sure that you are an adult in the eyes of law and which basically means you are above 18 years of age at the time of filing the AZ application. The preferred age group for AZ license drivers is over 24 years, anything less than that might result in higher insurance cost. f you are between the ages of 18 and 24, you may find it more difficult to acquire a trucking job, despite your qualifications, because you will be more expensive to insure.
  • Clean Driving Record – The second requirement to acquire an AZ license is that the applicant must have a clean driving record. A clean driving record however doesn’t mean that it has to be free of any errors. Minor speeding offences or things like that are not going to impact your AZ license application. 
  • No criminal records – At first you might think why is that even a requirement, after all you are just going to sit behind the wheels and drive. However, if you give it a thorough thought, you will realize that you as a truck driver will be hauling tons of cargo from one state to another and sometimes even cross country. This cargo can cost millions of dollars and all the stakeholders and authorities want to be sure that you are not going to be a liability for them and hence the requirement of no criminal record.
  • Clear MTO medical test - Another need that may appear strange at first look but is critical to being a good truck driver. It may appear like driving a truck is simple—after all, you're simply driving, right? Well, the answer is No!

Some Tests/ Exams you need to Clear are-

 Truck driving involves a lot of stress, strain, and variables that you must be able to manage on a regular basis.
Apart from that you are operating heavy machinery on highways that has the ability to cause mayhem. Minor difficulties with your vision, endurance, and ability to focus on the road might be the difference between life and death.

  • Pass medical and vision test – Before you can acquire your AZ license you need to pass your medical and vision test for the obvious reasons stated above. If you are in the age category of 18-46 years you need to clear this exam once in every 5 years. If you are in the age group of 46-64 years you need to pass this exam at least once in every 3 years to prove that you are fit to sit behind the wheels and if you are above the age of 64 years you need to pass the exam every single year.

  • Pass the written test – This test is somewhat similar to your standard driver's license test. The test vets your knowledge about laws, regulations, rules, road safety procedures, technicalities, etc. . The test is a multiple-choice question where you need to select the correct answers.


Complete the entry level training

Once you are okay on papers, It's time to enroll in an introductory training program. This course will prepare you to go behind the wheel of a vehicle, study the ins and outs of the trade and the industry, and build the skills you'll need to succeed as a truck driver. In Ontario, you must finish entry-level training at an approved training institution. These courses need at least 103.5 hours to complete. These courses are known as MELT courses – Mandatory Entry-Level Training – and will need to be completed by anyone pursuing their AZ license.

  • Pass your road and practical test - These tests, as the name implies, put what you've learned to the test. This is where you'll demonstrate that you're completely capable and ready to drive a large commercial truck. This exam, like every other part of getting your AZ license, will put your capabilities and skills to the test.