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All you need to know about AZ License

All you need to know about AZ License
By Author 26-Mar-2022

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All you need to know about the AZ License

If we can put it in this way, The AZ license is the trump card among all the licenses. An AZ license is the license that allows and qualifies you to operate the largest and the biggest vehicles in the trucking industry. The basic or the standard license that many truck driver gets is the DZ license. With a DZ license you are qualified and allowed to haul and tow up to 4,600kgs. While on the other hand an “A” license allows you to transport and haul the load without any restrictions.


What is the Value of AZ License?

As you can expect, this opens up a world of possibilities for you in your profession. For starters, it increases your value to future employers. An AZ license makes it easier to find work in a field that is bursting at the seams with eager drivers. Apart for the competitive edge if you have an AZ license you are more likely to be assigned with lucrative hauls which eventually means better pay.
In other words, if you want to start your career as a truck driver, the AZ license is the best method to get started. It's also a terrific option for people who are already working in the business but need a boost to jump to the next level.


What does mean of AZ License?

The AZ license is divided into two parts. The “A” and the “Z,”. The” A” part, as we just discussed, allows you to carry any size cargo without restriction. The Z-endorsement certifies your ability to drive a vehicle with air brakes. Not just those pursuing the AZ license, but all truck drivers, recreational vehicle operators, and other commercial vehicle operators should be aware of this. It's in your best interest to obtain your Z-endorsement, no matter what kind of driver you are.


So you are thinking what are Air Brakes?

So instead of brake fluid, air brakes employ pressured air to clamp the brakes on the tyres. Air brakes, rather than hydraulic brakes, are employed on large vehicles because pressurized air stores energy, making them a safer and more reliable means to stop larger vehicles.

While air brakes are too sophisticated and expensive to use on smaller vehicles, they can practically save lives on a truck. Thus you will need “AZ” license to drive any vehicles that uses air brakes and not hydraulic brakes.


Why “AZ” license is the real deal?

One of the benefits of AZ license is that they can help you expand your job options. An AZ license gives you access to all of the same features as a basic D license, as well as a slew of new ones. If you choose, you can stick to your normal truck driving employment or branch out into some of the more intriguing and high-paying driving options available only to AZ drivers.
With an AZ license, you can be assigned to take the cargo on extended, cross-country trips. With an AZ license, you can even drive internationally without any hassle. And not to forget since AZ license are difficult to obtain you are always on the priority when it comes to hiring for a lucrative position.