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5 Reasons Why You Need First Aid & CPR Training

By Author 10-Aug-2021 4

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First aid is the immediate and temporary treatment given to a victim of an accident and sudden illness before medical help is available. First aid is not a full medical treatment but is the best way to save the victim’s life to relieve pain and to prevent worsening of the victim’s condition or to prevent further injury before the professional help arrives. The first 60 minutes after a medical tragedy is struck, is called the golden hours. In this golden hour, any medical tragedy can be taken either to success or failure depending upon how quickly the first aid is provided and how soon the patient is handed over to paramedics. A recent campaign by St. John’s Ambulance UK revealed that due to lack of First Aid Training among the people, approximately 1,40,000 lives are lost alone in the United Kingdom, that could have been saved, the figure is approximately more or less the same for most of the western countries.

We have tried to identify the top 5 reasons as to why you should undergo first aid training: First Aid is more than saving someone’s life

  • Although the primary objective of first aid, when a medical tragedy is struck, is to save a patient’s life. However, First aid does more than saving a patient’s life. Giving adequate first aid to patients within the first 10 minutes can drastically reduce the patient’s recovery time. The first aid provided within the golden hour may be a defining factor between a patient’s temporary and permanent disability. An individual who has undertaken First Aid Training will be aware as to what to do in such a situation and will remain in control of their senses within the Golden period. A calm and composed person who knows what to do if a medical tragedy occurs will be in a better position to provide immediate First Aid or CPR and save someone’s life. It provides a sense of confidence
  • Medical tragedies could occur at any place be it your home, your workplace, or out in the market. If you know the basics of First Aid and CPR, you will be better informed as to what to do if a certain medical condition arises. Undergoing basic first aid and CPR training provides a sense of confidence, that you can take care of yourself and others as and when the situation arises. It is the care you provide in the first 10 minutes that can help save a life. It limits the medical situation from deteriorating further
  • Immediate First Aid and CPR help to limit a patient’s condition from deteriorating further. As per the statistics from the HSF report, around 80% of the cardiac arrest occurs at home or in a domestic setting. Sadly the average survival rate when an individual experience a heart attack out of the hospital is only around 5-10%. However, if within 10 minutes of experiencing a heart attack if the patient is given quality CPR the survival rate increases dramatically up to 75% (ERC 2010). First Aid and CPR training equip individuals with a skill that helps prevent further deterioration of a condition until professional help arrives. First Aid and CPR training can help you in your career
  • In such a competitive world of work, a basic qualification in First Aid and CPR can help you and your resume to stand out as a valuable and useful employee who can be of help if and when the need arises. Training in First Aid and CPR also demonstrates that you remain calm and compose in a stressful situation. The increased awareness in workplace safety and First Aid training in the same goes a long way. It empowers you
  • Training in First Aid and CPR makes you confident and empowers you to take care of yourself, your parents, your children’s and the people around you. It makes you aware that it is important to act and be in your senses as and when a medical tragedy is struck so that you can provide the life-saving CPR or first aid till the time medical help doesn’t arrive