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What is personal support worker program?

By Author 20-Oct-2021 0

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The Personal Support Worker is a Flagship program at the Clarkridge Career Institute. The PSW program helps the students to equip one self for a career in the health care industry. It helps the students to understand the basics and nuances of compassionate caring while assisting the individuals requiring health care needs and assistance. The Personal Support Worker program is specially designed keeping in mind the changes and trends taking place in the health care industry, so that the program is always in consonance with the shifting requirements and needs. The program not only allows students to establish their career in the health care industry but also tries to bring about a comprehensive change in the society, by making students more empathetic toward the individuals. After successful completion of the program the students of Personal Support Worker program will gain the required skills of a health care professional, which will enable them to adapt to various settings ranging from schools, retirement residences to chronic care facilities.
The Personal Support Worker program at Clarkridge Career Institute is taught by industry experts who have considerable experience in the health care industry and are passionate about disseminating the knowledge to the students who are desirous about establishing their career in health care industry.
The Personal Support Workers apart from working as a freelancer also work in partnership with other medical management members and patient's family to attain all time positive well-being and outcomes.

   Since the beginning of the pandemic the Personal Support Workers and the front line workers have been continuously striving and helping the most vulnerable patients who needs emergency support and care for fulfilling their day to day chores and needs. To stabilize the staffing level and to support the front line workers in this need of hour the Ontario government is investing an additional amount of $169 million. This is the third additional investment by the Ontario government in last one year. Since October 2020 the Ontario government has invested close to $841 for the support of PSW’s and frontline workers and with this additional investment of $169, the Ontario had invested $1 billion dollar. These investment by the government shows the importance and requirement of Personal Support Workers in the community. Although the increase in the wage of PSW’s are temporary and will continue until 31st October,2021 but nevertheless is an important steps taken towards the support and financial security of the Personal Support Workers of Ontario.