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AZ Tractor Trailer Commercial Driving Training (MELT)

AZ Tractor Trailer Commercial Driver Training (MELT)


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In the AZ Tractor-Trailer Commercial Driver Training Program, our focal point is always to legitimize and empower our students with applied driving expertise, skills, and in-depth knowledge of the industry. It is a 5- week program in which we train our students to be eligible to obtain the “A” license and work as a licensed truck drivers. This program is a skill-based program which is delivered by our college with the aim to provide the best training to the student with the help of our trained instructors who guide them in order to develop the required skill with constant monitoring and practice. 
For this very purpose, we offer to our students, firm quality instructions in a congenial environment, so they never hesitate and remain ever so self-assured in their capabilities on the road and progressing their careers. 


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Experienced instructors with years of industry experience

Emphasis on one-on-one & practical hands-on training on the road

Industry recognition for skilled employees

Small class sizes that encourage dialogue and discussion

Flexible class schedules (weekday evenings and weekend classes available)

The program will include 68 hours of practical training in the yard

The environmental conditions that affect equipment performance

Basic operating and vehicle maneuvering skills to ensure they are confident behind the wheel

The rules and practices for safe operation.

Students will gain the skills required to obtain a commercial driver position within the transportation sector

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