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Now Offering Free PSW Program and Paid Placement (Earn $19.25 per hour) Govt. Funding Available For Those Who Qualify, Check Your Eligibility, Call Now! Only Limited Seats Available.

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Clarkridge Career Institute is a private career college registered under the Private Career College Act, 2005. The foundation of Clarkridge Career Institute was laid on 1st June 2005, in Toronto Canada, and then soon started its other campus in Brampton as well for the convenience of our students. Clarkridge Career Institute is one of the private career college in Ontario, imparting skill-based education and workshops in the realm of Personal Support Worker program, Medical Officer assistants program and Truck Driver training program.
As of today, Clarkridge Career Institute provides skill based vocational and non-vocational program to a number of students in Ontario, Canada and has been constantly working on adding new programs.




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At Clarkridge Career Institute we believe, there are no shortcuts to be successful but there is always a smart way to get success. And for that, what you need to do is extensive training of the same. “The essence of training is to allow errors without the fear of consequences” so that you do not end up making errors in real-life scenarios. At Clarkridge Career Institute we truly and firmly believe that in order to be successful; you must only promise what you can deliver and then deliver more than what you have promised. 


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Once you decide to take up the noble profession by joining the Clarkridge Career Institute, you need to understand the worth of the health care industry and excel in the career under the guidance of industry experts.

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Nobody has ever learned everything. There is always room for improvement and to acquire a new skill, and that’s what we think should be your motto as well “Always be A Learner”.

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Once you have completed the course successfully, sky is the limit for you. There are multiple opportunities for you to explore both across and outside the country. A health care professional is treated with respect, dignity and with good salary packages.


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 Free Virtual Information Session

Free Virtual Information Session

Virtual Information Session On Free PSW Program

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Personal Support Worker (PSW) Program College Canada | Free PSW Course

Personal Support Worker (PSW) program college in Canada. Free PSW course offered by the Clarkridge Career Institute. For students who want to become Personal Support Workers, it is a great opportunity for them to proceed with their dream by joining a free PSW course. 

As we all know that how are these 2 years of our life just passed away in COVID 19 and we are still looking for a permanent solution to this disease. Covid 19 hits us physically as well as mentally, as students study get affected by these COVID 19. 

As a person, we always want to help other people, and some of you want also. So if you want to help those people who are suffering from a disease like dementia or who want a helping hand in their old age. This is the course which will help you to become a Personal Support Worker. 

Clarkridge Career Institute is always a helping hand for those students who can't study because of some financial issue or other problems. So we are providing you with the Personal Support Worker (PSW) program for free. Join the PSW course in canada and get one step forward towards your dream.

Personal Support Worker (PSW) Program College in Canada

If you are someone who wants to proceed with their career in the healthcare sector and want to help a needy person. Then this is the course in which you should take admission. Personal Support Worker Program or PSW program is one of the best courses to accelerate and get know deeply about the health care industry.

In the PSW program, You will learn how to take care of people who are suffering from a disease like dementia or are physically disabled. As the students start learning the PSW course, they will learn a few skills which will gonna help them throughout their life. The skills they will learn are - 

  • Patience
  • Learn how to stay cool in any situation. 
  • Learn how to take control of any situation.
  • Learn how to communicate with others.

Learning about the PSW program will not be difficult for you because we provide the best mentors and nurses who had experience in the healthcare industry. We will also gonna provide online classes soon. Being in the sector of education is not easy for us. Our students are our biggest achievement in our journey. The trust we gave us to our students and as a result, they got securable jobs in Canada or are happily settled in their life.

free personal support worker program canada

What is a Free PSW Course in Canada? 

As we all know how this COVID -19 affects us and after that many colleges get bankrupt which affects students' studies. To get rid of this problem. We provide the FREE PSW COURSE IN CANADA. As earlier, we also provide the PSW course at a discounted price. And now as the Ontario government release the free PSW course all over Ontario. So we are happy to introduce that we will provide you with the Free PSW Course and we are affiliated with govt. of CanadaWe will also provide internships to those who scored well in their program.