Established in 2005, Clarkridge Career Institute is an esteemed educational organization known for outstanding hands-on, career-focused academic learning. Clarkridge Career Institute is providing education through vocational and non-vocational programs. The college has two campuses, one in Brampton and another in Toronto.

The college is in good standing with all authorities including MTCU – PCC Branch, National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) and Career Colleges Ontario. It is through the provision of the excellent learning experience and supports that the college has been attracting a good number of students each passing year. To us, a compact campus signifies being able to identify each of our students by name, to build a close-knit campus family, and to ensure continuous improvement and success of the students.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”
Mark Twain
  • Why Clarkridge?
  • President Message
  • Mission, Vision & Values

Clarkridge Career Institute has envisioned making a difference to the professional and higher education in the region.

Working tirelessly for more than 15 years now, we have been able to garner the support, trust and appreciation of all the stakeholders, thus making us one of the most reputed professional institutions in the region.

Clarkridge Career Institute has become a strong brand name associated with excellence in contemporary teaching – learning models, innovation and service to the community.

The leadership quality greatly influences the individual’s capacity and we at Clarkridge, believe in inculcating this special trait in all of our students and give them strong impetus to sharpen their skills and enhance their competence to transform their vision into reality.

The flexible academic model extends learning at Clarkridge Career Institute far beyond the classroom to the outer vibrant and congenial environment, which has driven us to nurture knowledgeable, inspired and industry ready professionals.

Our journey spanning more than 15 years boldly underlines our motto ‘Committed to excellence in education’ . Providing top quality education to our students in a wide spectrum of vocational and non-vocational programs, today our college, has emerged as one of the best colleges in the region with students coming in from all over the world. One of the reasons behind it is Clarkridge Career Institute being the doyen of quality education, which has always nurtured growth and multiplied success rate. We always strive hard to match up pace with the ever evolving world of teaching, laying special emphasis on adopting modern teaching practices and embracing advanced curriculum. Moreover, switching from one program to another, or transferring from one credential to another is too easy with us as we’ll ensure to help you get the favour you’re entitled to receive. Having created a perfect mix of both theoretical and experiential learning, our primary objective has been to bridge the gap between industry and academia for we strongly believe that career comes before anything else. Clarkridge Career Institute combines deep theoretical learning with applied, hands-on experience and provides its students with opportunities to work with industry and enrich their experience, quicken their learning and ensure they succeed both personally and professionally.

I am eagerly looking forward to receiving you all on our campus with utmost care, goodwill and concern.

Our Mission

To create professional leaders with industry-oriented skills for serving the society

Our Vision

To engage students as learners and turn into highly skilled professional leaders in an contemporarily diverse and intellectually challenging ambience.

Our Values

Humanity, Empathy, Integrity, Honesty, compassion, equality and fairness