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Personal Support Worker(Part time)

Students enrolled in Personal Support Worker (PSW) Part Time Program at Clarkridge Career will be proficiently trained on required skills and knowledge to get employed on following positions including…

Medical Office Assistant

This one year Medical Office Assistant (MOA) course will help students learn almost all the important aspects in the medical realm required to get qualified for being employed as…

Personal Support Worker (Full Time)

 Students enrolled in Personal Support Worker (PSW) Program at Clarkridge Career will be proficiently trained on required skills and knowledge to get employed on following positions including client…

AZ Tractor Trailer Commercial

 Clarkridge Career Institute is registered as private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act 2005. In the AZ tractor trailor commercial driving training program,…

Why Choose us?

Clarkridge Career Institute has been serving the community for more than 15 years. During these years we have earned the trust and appreciation of all our stakeholders, as well as members of our community and our alumni, thus making us one of the most reputed professional institutions in the region.

Our Workshops

At Clarkridge Career Institute wehost regular workshops that focus on teaching specific skills to our students. These skills help the students when they venture into this competitive world and start their professional journey.

Student & Alumni Testimonials

Want to know what our students and alumni have to say about their experience at Clarkridge Career Institute? Please read the comments below.


PSW Graduate

I absolutely loved the course which I did at Clarkridge Institute. We have approachable instructors who are passionate about nursing and personal support health care and have love for what they teach. My PSW course has prepared me for the Canadian health care challenges on my way of becoming a registered nurse as the curriculum offered by the institute has clinical practice sessions also. I am so thankful to Clarkridge Career Institute for providing me a valuable exposure to Canadian job market.


PSW Graduate

“My experience with Clarkridge has been refreshingly different from many of my experiences with studies. They were extremely clear in outlining the course and scope of studies so there was never any confusion or unmet expectations. They followed up throughout the course to make sure that we were in sync. Also, Clarkridge was perfect for me to have a balance between my studies and work. I recommend them highly and would use their services again without hesitation.”


PSW Student, Brampton Campus

My name is Remi Edmond. I have successfully completed the PSW program at Clarkridge career Institute (Brampton campus). Over that time, I was consistently impressed with the skills and services of the management and teachers as well as their dedication to teaching the students. This college was very helpful for me to start my career in Canada. All the teachers and management team are very friendly, always willing to help and very flexible. This college offers a wide choice for building a future career and a safe place to study.


PSW Student, Brampton Campus

When I first started at Clarkridge Career Institute, I was hesitant and anxious about the future challenges that I’ll be facing. But as I progressed through their Personal Support Program, my confidence grew together with the help of our great teachers and staff that are very encouraging. Teachers here are very compassionate and always ready to guide their students towards excellency. During my time here I could proudly say that overall I had a fun and very rewarding experience. Aside from their outstanding show of support, I liked how it’s transit accessible. Though I’m done with my studies here I’ll always be grateful for everybody’s support, without their constant encouragement, I wouldn’t be able to open more doors of opportunity for me.

Josephine Rolloque

PSW Student

It was a great opportunity for me to study at Clarkridge Career Institute. I will always be grateful to all the staff and teachers who are very supportive and accommodating and made learning so much fun through their creative teaching.
A small size class made it possible for me to have one-on-one attention from our teacher and also made easier to get to know all my classmates personally which made activities more exciting. Thank you guys for walking us through ’til graduation! I am now a certified PSW, working in the community through VHA Homehealthcare!

Saburi Tunde Oladapo

PSW Student

My experience at CCI is such that it would remain a long time to come. It was first from the front desk where I enquired about the PSW program. Every concern was easily resolved, payment, flexible learning….. The instructors are professionals with a great experience that are invaluable for success. They are very supportive and know how to get students to learn. When the program was over, they are there to support the students getting the first job, Thanks a thousand to CCI!

Mario Dumlao

PSW Graduate

I’m extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills. My education from Clarkridge Career Institute had put me on my chosen path, exceptionally important on my stairway to success. This school is excelling academically, which is brilliant. The school’s standard is really high because most of my batchmates were top notchers in the NACC exams.

Student Life

Student life is a very important part of the college experience. We understand that many of our students come a long way from their homes to attend our college, and we take it upon ourselves to make sure that they feel welcome to explore and find their place on campus and in the community.