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Why Clarkridge?

The vision of establishing Clarkridge Career Institute was to create a great supplementary forum of skill based education to the mainstream educational structure and the commitment to fill the void of skill based institute in Hospitality and Health Care Sector.

Why are we unique?

Our uniqueness lies in the fact that our teaching methodology at Clarkridge Career Institute is specially designed to provide our students with the optimum mix of theory as well as hands on experience, thus helping them to excel in their career and to be the best in their field.

Our Branches

Clarkridge Career Institute has grown significantly in the past few years due to its stupendous educational contributions in Toronto and beyond. Our another branch is in Brampton , making it easier for our beloved students to reach us and avail the benefits and avail the benefits.

Our Programs

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Personal Support Worker Certificate, Brampton

The PSW program at Clarkridge Career Institute is taught by industry experts...

Personal Support Worker training, Toronto

The PSW program helps the students to equip one self for a career in the health care industry.

Personal Support Worker Program, Brampton, PSW program college

The Medical Office Executives plays an eminent role in healthcare delivery alongside....

Physiotherapy Assistant Program

Physiotherapy Assistance Program at Clarkridge Career Institute proposes students....

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Our Workshops

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Adult Health Assessment Workshop For Nurses

Healthcare professionals in the Adult Physical Assessment Workshop will expand......

CPNRE Exam Review Classes

CPNRE preparation course offers 8 weeks of comprehensive and exam practice classes.

First aid training course, brampton , CPR certification, First aid training and CPR Certification

The importance of Basic First Aid and CPR training is underestimated....

Non-violent Crisis Intervention Workshop

This course equips you how to recognize the signs of escalating dangerous behavior....

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We can help you in this particular areas.


We can help you in this particular areas.

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Best PSW Training School in North York

Best PSW training school in north york. Want to explore your career in the medical sector? Then clarkridge career institute is the best choice for healthcare programs. Clarkridge career institute offers the best program for personal support worker (PSW) program, medical assistant program, physiotherapy program.

Personal Support Worker in Brampton

Clarkridge career institute offers the program not in just north york but also in Brampton. In personal support worker program, it will cover all the basics of the program. the program is classified into 14 modules which include body system, assistant and personal hygiene, abuse and neglect and household management, and many more. Clarkridge career has the best mentors in the health care sector who will teach you that program.

AZ Truck Driving School in Brampton

Learn to drive a truck from the best AZ truck driving school in Brampton. Clarkridge career institute also offers you the AZ truck driving Course in Brampton. A course of small batches so that you can learn easily. AZ truck driving course is available at an affordable price. You can pay the fees of AZ truck driving courses in very simple installments – a one-time fee or in monthly installments.


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