Medication Administration for Unregulated Care Providers (UCP)

Medication Administration for Unregulated Care Providers (UCP)
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Course Description:

This workshop is designed to assist unregulated care providers such as Personal Support Workers to gain competencies in the administration of medication as delegated to them by the registered staff/regulated health care professional. Participants will have the opportunity to develop or practice their calculation and critical thinking skills necessary for safe administration of medications. Special emphasis will be placed on understanding, and prevention of common medication errors.

Prerequisites: Certificate in Personal Support Worker; Internationally Education Nurse

Topics Covered:

  1. Principle of drug action and interaction.
  2. Medication action and adverse reaction.
  3. Drug terminologies
  4. Medication administration process and standards.
  5. Drugs affecting the Central Nervous System
  6. Drugs affecting the Cardiovascular and Renal system
  7. Drugs affecting the Respiratory System
  8. Drugs affecting the GI System and Nutrition
  9. Drugs to treat Diabetes Mellitus
  10. Anti-Infective and Anti Inflammatory Drugs
  11. Life Span considerations when giving medications
  12. High Alert Medications
  13. Resources available.

Length of Course:

10 hours

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