Medical Office Assistant (MOA)

Medical Office Assistant (MOA)
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Course Description:

The Medical Office Assistant course provides education for handling administrative procedures for medical offices, such as office machines, insurance coding and billing. A well-trained Medical Office Assistant (MOA) is equipped with a flexible, adaptable career. The skills acquired can be carried through life, and employment is readily available anywhere in the world. Ideally, an MOA has both administrative and clinical skills. The responsibilities of an MOA may vary from one facility to another, as the position is geared not only to the type of practice, but to the working habits of the physician. The personal and professional attributes that an MOA brings to the office are extremely important. The manner in which he/she performs his/her work can affect the health and welfare of a patient in either a positive or negative way. These individuals must display courtesy towards others and have a capacity for teamwork. A positive attitude, enthusiasm, initiative, and dedication are important personal attributes.

Admission Requirements:

  • An Ontario Secondary School Diploma or Equivalent, or
  • 18 years of age or older and pass a qualifying test that has been approved by the school, or
  • Meet other academic qualifications or minimum age requirements established as a condition of the school, and
  • Vulnerable Sector Criminal record check
  • Medical certificate indicating student is free of communicable diseases
  • Standard First Aid Certificate and Basic Rescuer CPR Certificate

MOA Program Length:

At Clarkridge Career Institute, Medical Office Assistant (MOA) Course is offered as a Part Time Program.

The program comprises of 860 hours of classroom (instructor led) education.

Prior learning assessments (PLAR) for those who have had previous education in the health care field would have to pass a qualifying exam that will exempt them up to one third of the course content.

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